Exam Instructions


 Candidates are required to visit Institute web site www.iibf.org.in to keep themselves updated about important notice/instructions related to the examination/s


Examination Time table is available on the website www.iibf.org.in.  Institute reserves the right to change the Examination schedule already announced for any valid reason and said  changes will be notified on our website. In such case/s Candidates are required to appear for the examination as per  the revised schedule. Pl note that candidate/s will neither be entitled for  Refund of examination fees already paid nor adjustment of fees so paid against any future examinations of the Institute.

ELIGIBILITY: Eligibility is governed by rules published in the Rules and Syllabus of the Examination. Candidates must quote their Membership/Registration number correctly in spaces provided in application form.

Candidates are required to register for the examination through online before the last date mentioned in the time table of the Examination.  Application will not be accepted after the last date and no provision for accepting the same with late fee.

Institute will conduct examination in On-line mode only.


(i) Candidates should appear for the examination only at the centre where they are working provided there is an examination centre at such place and if there is no examination centre, they should appear at the nearest examination centre. Result of candidate violating this rule or giving wrong information is liable for cancellation.

(ii) Candidates will have to appear at the centre which they choose while applying for the examination first time and for the subsequent examinations also. The venue for the examination will be advised while issuing the examination admit letter.

(iii) Request for change in centre due to transfer or any other valid reason should reach the Institute 45 days before the commencement of the examination. Any request received thereafter will not be entertained.(Last date for receiving change of centre request mentioned in the Time Table of the examination.

(iv) No change of centre request will be accepted for personal reasons. All the requests in case of change of centre due to transfer, training and deputation etc. should be accompanied by employer's authentication.

The Institute reserves the right to close any of the existing centre/s on account of less number of candidates appearing from that centre or any other reason which it may think fit. In such case, candidate will be advised to appear at the examination from the nearest available centre.

STUDY MATERIAL: Examination fee does not include cost of study material. Please refer Rules & Syllabus Booklet of the examination at www.iibf.org.in

The details of the prescribed syllabus which is indicative are furnished in the Rules & Syllabus of the examination booklet. The Institute however, also reserves to itself the right to vary the syllabus / rules / fee structure from time to time. Any Alterations made will be notified. 


For Visually impaired & Orthopedically Challenged candidates, for using Scribe at the examinations of the Institute, refer the Rules/Guidelines available on the web site of the institute at www.iibf.org.in.  They are required to submit application to the Member Support Service Office of the Institute for granting permission for use of scribe in the prescribed format at least 30 days before the commencement of the examination.


Candidates are required  to read the instructions /information about ON-LINE examination before appearing for the examinations. The instructions are available on Institute's website www.iibf.org.in under the link "INSTRUCTIONS/ INFORMATION ABOUT ON-LINE  EXAMINATIONS OF THE INSTITUTE".


  1. Admit letter will be emailed to the candidates in their email id registered with the Institute, 10 days before the examination date.
  2. Admit letter of all eligible candidates will be hosted on Institute’s website www.iibf.org.in under the heading ‘Exam Related’, 1 week before the examination date.
  3. For downloading and printing of admit letter from the above mentioned website, candidates will have to enter the following:
    1.  Membership or registration number as login id
    2.  Edit profile password.
    3.  If candidates do not remember their Edit profile password, they have to click on the ‘Forgot password/Get Password’ button after entering the Membership or Registration number. On clicking fresh edit profile password will be sent to their registered email id.
  4. Candidates are required to produce printed copy of admit letter along with Membership identity card or any other valid photo ID card at the examination venue.
  5. In the absence of printed copy of Admit Letter and Photo Identity Card, candidates will be denied permission to write Examination.

   Mobile Phones

  1. Mobile phones and other electronic gadgets (except calculator as permissible ) are not allowed in the examination hall. It is clarified that mere possession of mobile phone in the examination hall whether in switch off mode or silent mode shall also be deemed to be resorting to adoption of unfair means in the examination. 

Use of calculator

  1. Candidates will be allowed to use battery operated portable calculator in the exam. The calculator can be of any type upto 6 functions, 12 digits.
  2. Attempt to use any other type of calculator not complying with the specifications indicated above or having more features than mentioned above shall tantamount to use of unfair means. Scientific calculator is not allowed.

Other Rules/Information

  1. Candidates should ensure that they sign the Attendance Sheet.
  2. Candidates are advised to reach the Examination Venue at least 30 minutes before commencement of the examination.
  3. No candidate will be permitted to enter the Examination Venue/hall after expiry of 15 minutes and to leave the hall in the first 30 minutes from the scheduled commencement of the examination.
  4. Candidates would be able to login to the system only with the password mentioned in this Admit Letter. This password should not be disclosed to others. Keep it safe to avoid the possible misuse.
  5. If the examination could not commence on scheduled time or there is delay due to Failure of power, Technical snag of whatsoever nature or for any such reason having bearing upon the conduct of examination; candidates have to :-
    1. Wait till resumption of power supply/solving of technical snag.
    2. Take-up the examination at other venue arranged by the examination conducting authority.
    3. Follow instructions given by the examination conducting authority.
  6. Candidates are required to strictly follow all the instructions given by the examination conducting authority during the examination and adhere to Rules of the examination.
  7. Violation of any of the Rules / Instructions, misuse of the Admit Letter will be considered to be an act of serious misconduct and the Institute will take action as per the Rules of the examination, which will also be reported to the employer of the candidate.
  • Rules, Penalties for Misconduct / Unfair Practices :
  1. Communication of any sort between candidates or with outsiders is not permitted and complete silence should be maintained during the examination.
  2. Copying answers from other candidates/other printed/Electronic material or permitting others to copy or consultation of any kind will attract the rules relating to unfair practices in the examination.
  3. No candidate shall impersonate others or allow others to impersonate himself/herself at the examination.
  4. No candidate shall misbehave/argue with the Examination Conducting Authorities at the centre.
  5. Candidates have to compulsory return any papers given including that given for rough work to invigilator.
  6. Candidates should not possess and / or use books, notes, periodicals, etc. in the examination hall at the time of examination / or use mathematical tables, slide rules, stencils etc. during the examination.

If any candidates violates any of the above rules, it will be considered to be an act of misconduct and he/she will be liable for punishment mentioned below.


The Institute shall have the right to impose penalties on any candidate for committing an act of misconduct/unfair practice in respect of any matter affecting the Institute or in respect of any examination conducted by the Institute or disqualifying any candidate who, they have reason to believe has received or given unfair assistance at the examination, and

  • to cancel the result of such candidate in all or any of the subjects of the examination at which he/she may have appeared;
  • to exclude him/her from future examinations either permanently or for a specified number of examinations;
  • to report his/her name to his/her employer and
  • to take such other action against him/her as the Institute shall in their sole discretion deem fit and the decision of the Institute shall be final and binding on the candidate concerned.

The Institute shall also have right to cancel results of any subsequent examination at which the candidate may have appeared, if such examination falls within the exclusion period in the penalty, as by reason of imposition of such a penalty of exclusion from the future examination, the candidate would not have been eligible to appear at such subsequent examinations.

In the event of any dispute between the Institute and the member, only Competent Courts in Chennai, Kolkata, New Delhi and Mumbai alone have the jurisdiction to entertain the dispute.


Results will be normally declared within 2 months of the conclusion of the examination. Printed result advices (original as well as duplicate) will not be sent but the same will be available on Institute's website 'www.iibf.org.in', in printable form. Candidates are required  to  download the same.

  • Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) and Answers

“The Institute conducts its examinations through Multiple Choice  Questions (MCQs).  These MCQs are part of the  Question Bank of  the Institute and its Intellectual Property .  As a matter of policy, these MCQs and their answers will not be shared by the Institute with the candidates or others and no correspondence in this regard will be entertained."

    Facility of verification of marks will not be available for Objective Type (Multiple Choice Questions) examinations.

Candidates who successfully complete the examination will receive Certificate within two months.

  • Marksheet/Final Certificate
  1. Consolidated mark sheet for candidates completing examination, will be available on the Institute’s website after the declaration of results. Candidates can download the same after entering login credentials using their membership number and edit profile password.
  2. Final certificates will be sent by speed post within 2 months after the declaration of result.


Register your queries through website www.iibf.org.in > Members/Candidates Support Services(Help)  


Email all your queries to care@iibf.org.in 

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Please quote your membership/registration number in all your emails.

For more details, updates and instructions please refer Rules and Syllabus Booklet or visit Institute's Website – www.iibf.org.in.